Unfiltered Cigarettes

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Before the 1950s, all of the cigarettes in the world were unfiltered.  However, the invention of the cigarette filter didn’t stop cigarette companies from making unfiltered cigarettes since they were still popular among smokers.  When you buy cigarettes online, you should consider looking for discount cigarettes that are unfiltered if you to feel the difference in each drag from a cigarette that was made back when cigarettes didn’t have filters.

If you take a drag of any brand’s discount cigarettes, then you’ll find that unfiltered cigarettes have more flavor to them since the filter can block some of the flavor that cigarette makers originally wanted smokers to taste after each drag.  The flavor that these discount cigarettes gives you the quality that could surpass even the most modern of cigarettes. 

The filter doesn’t necessarily make the cigarette safer for you, so when you buy cigarettes online, you shouldn’t feel obliged to buy filtered discount cigarettes because of their safety alone.  The filter on cigarettes does give you an end point to where you can stop smoking, but you can get more of the cigarette’s flavor out of those discount cigarettes that aren’t filtered.  Plus, you can choose where to end your discount cigarettes if they’re not filtered rather than relying on the filter to give you an end point telling you where to stop your cigarette smoking.

The best part about unfiltered discount cigarettes is that they’re much cheaper than those cigarettes that are filtered.  This is something huge to consider when you decide to buy cigarettes online because these discount cigarettes are truly a bargain that’s worth the money spent on them.  Because the cigarette filter is made from a different material (cellulose) than cigarettes are, they cost more to make and aren’t the lowest discount cigarettes that you’re able to get when you buy cigarettes online.

However, retailers still sell cigarettes that don’t have a filter for nearly the same price that they sell cigarettes with a filter.  This isn’t the case when you buy cigarettes online since some cigarettes that don’t have a filter can cost fewer than 10 dollars where cigarettes that do have a filter cost at least two dollars more than those without a filter.  These aren’t carton prices for when you buy cigarettes online, but unfiltered discount cigarettes come in cartons of 200 cigarettes when purchased online from any Web site.

The retailers that sell cigarettes in their stores make you pay up to 10 times as much just for one carton of discount cigarettes.  This travesty doesn’t have to occur since people are starting to get into the habit of buying cigarettes online because of the high prices and heavy duty taxes that are enforced on cigarettes.  So, there’s no reason for you not to start to buy cigarettes online.

Remember that unfiltered cigarettes usually come in a very dark red label, so don’t confuse the packaging with that of filtered cigarettes since their label is usually red.

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