Indian Reservation Cigarettes and Why They're Cheaper

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Indian reservation cigarettes, sometimes referred to as Seneca Indian reservation cigarettes or simply Indian cigarettes, are usually sold to consumers at cheaper than market price. The reason for this is that Native American Indian cigarettes are produced and sold in their sovereign land, and therefore exempt from federal and state taxes.

Some customers who have wished to save on their cigarette costs have tried to buy Indian cigarettes online. This is because these reservations may be quite tricky to get to—a lot of them are pretty far off—but certain states like Arizona, Oklahoma and even New York house a lot of them. In upstate New York, places such as Allegany, Poospatuck, Shinnecock and Cattaraugus—the latter being a more popular place to get Indian cigarettes—offer Indian reservation cigarettes, with products being at par or sometimes even better than other brands.

New York’s Cattaraugus County, where Seneca Indian reservation cigarettes are sold, is a big producer of Indian cigarettes. Warehouses of Indian reservation cigarettes pepper the place, and although it’s a go-to destination for smokers looking to purchase cheaper products, it has also recently come under fire. About ten years ago, customers who wanted to buy Indian cigarettes online and Indian cigarettes from the reservations were able to buy Indian cigarettes online for just $25 a carton on the web as opposed to a regular $65 in New York City. The absence of excise taxes from Indian reservation cigarettes made the habit more accessible to the public, thus gaining the ire of anti-tobacco lobbyists, local retailers and, of course, the government, which has allegedly lost significant amounts of revenue from these Indian reservation cigarettes. NY has reported a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars from these untaxed Indian cigarettes, which has led to some controversy in recent years.

This hasn’t deterred those who wish to buy Indian cigarettes online from purchasing their favorite discount products, however. The sale of Seneca Indian reservation cigarettes was so lucrative that even a decade ago they were boasting of adding nearly 100 new online customers a month. Nowadays, in light of more and more civil cases and lawsuits regarding Indian reservation cigarettes or Indian cigarettes in general, it has indeed become more difficult. Native American entrepreneurs keep striving to find loopholes to these federal cases against tribal or Indian cigarettes, but are finding it exponentially more challenging to maintain their business. Many have resorted to finding new, legal means of sustaining this tobacco livelihood for both their tribes and their customers.

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