How to buy Cigarettes Online

Buy cigarettes online

The newest craze to get cheap cigarettes is to buy cigarettes online.  There are various reasons why cigarette smokers choose to buy cigarettes online over buying them elsewhere such as a gas station, a supermarket or a convenience store.  These reasons are that discount cigarettes don’t exist in retail stores since the taxes on them are so high, the fact that discount cigarettes online are usually duty tax free and it’s also much more convenient to order cigarettes online than having to drive or walk out to a store in order to satisfy your cigarette craving.

The process of buying cigarettes online is a long one though and is much tougher than just going out to your local retailer and showing your driver’s license or other form of I.D.  The way to get discount cigarettes will vary from Web site to Web site, depending upon where the cigarette site is hosted from and whether it’s a national or an international site.  Before you buy cigarettes online, you should know that buying discount cigarettes online can have its consequences because of some laws making it actually illegal to do so, so make sure you know about the laws about where you live to get discount cigarettes.

Very rarely will Web sites make you actually send in a photo of your driver’s license or another form of I.D. (aside from a credit card) when you want to buy cigarettes online.  If this does happen, make sure that you send a current I.D. that hasn’t expired in order to have no trouble when you want to buy discount cigarettes.

The first step to purchasing discount cigarettes online is to register for the Web site that you want to start your quest to buy cigarettes online.  In order to register for a cigarette selling Web site, you must enter in your full name, your full phone number (including the area code), an e-mail address to confirm your purchases and your full billing and shipping address to where you want your discount cigarettes to go after you buy them online.  At times, the billing address and the shipping address are both the same address, so a box is usually provided to check so you can save time for registering to buy your discount cigarettes online.

The next big issue you’ll encounter when you decide to buy cigarettes online is the use of your credit card.  Some Web sites that sell discount cigarettes online will make you physically photocopy the front and the back ends of the credit card in order to confirm that the credit card you’re using to buy cigarettes online is actually yours.  The problem is that you can only purchase discount cigarettes with your Visa card.

The reason behind this is because that MasterCard and American Express don’t advocate you getting your discount cigarettes online.  They also don’t want their reputation to decrease since some view companies that let people buy cigarettes online as something immoral.  The best thing to do with this is use your Visa credit card to purchase your discount cigarettes.

After that is all set and done, you can enjoy your discount cigarettes whenever they get shipped to you.

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