Regular Filtered 100s Cigarettes

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When it comes to discount cigarettes, you can buy regular cigarettes online or you could buy their slimmer counterparts, 100s.  The reason that 100s are slimmer is that they are 100 millimeters in length, making them longer than regular filtered discount cigarettes.  Since they’re longer than regular discount cigarettes, you cigarettes are the ones to get when you’re choosing to buy cigarettes online.

Regular 100s are always filtered, so that you can see where these thin cigarettes end.  These discount cigarettes may be slim, but they can still give some of the great flavor that you crave most when it comes time to light up your cigarette.  Consider the sleekness of these cigarettes when it comes time for you to buy cigarettes online.

Because these discount cigarettes are so thin, they are somewhat weaker than regular cigarettes because of the fact that they are so long that some of the flavor that comes from a regular cigarette is sacrificed for the length and slenderness of them.  When you desire to buy cigarettes online, think about your wants and needs when it comes to smoking a cigarette since 100s do have the advantage of being longer and cooler looking, but have the disadvantage of not having as much power per drag as you may want from typical discount cigarettes.

The slimness of these discount cigarettes can be hard to get used to, but you’ll get the hang of it after a while.  Smoking a regular cigarette in comparison to smoking a 100 will be a different experience because there isn’t as much flavor coming out per drag in a 100 because of its thinness.  In other words, you’d have to suck on any of these discount cigarettes for a bit longer in order to get the same exact feeling inside of you.

The sacrifice of 100s isn’t too significant since they’re just as good as regular discount cigarettes when it comes to the great price of them per carton and the quality of customer satisfaction when they buy cigarettes online.  Discount cigarettes that are considered 100s are just as commonplace as regular cigarettes nowadays because of the fact that they can be healthier for you if you’re counting per cigarette and not per drag because less cigarette ingredients actually get into your body.

The cartons that you get when you buy cigarettes online will be much less expensive than if you went out to a retailer and bought the discount cigarettes online at the store.  The retailers charge up to 10 times as much for 100s than Web sites, so buying 100s at a discount price isn’t possible unless you buy cigarettes online.  To get discount cigarettes, going online is the easiest and most convenient solution to your cigarette buying problem!

Always remember that regular filtered 100s usually come with a red label just like regular filtered cigarettes, so be careful and read the label before you purchase your 100s. 

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