How to Find Discount Cigarettes

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Ah, the quest for the cheapest cigarettes online. Smokers know that short of quitting, there’s no way of getting around paying a steep cost for their vice. The search for discount cigarettes has been going on since taxes on cigarettes have risen over the past years, and looking for cheap cigarettes, free shipping and even tax-free smokes has been a constant source of frustration.

So what’s a cash-strapped tobacco lover to do in the search for the cheapest cigarettes? Online shopping is the solution. Unless you avail of duty-free airport cartons, make like savvy smokers and look for discount cigarettes or buy cigarettes online. Free shipping is sometimes included in your purchase, too. The cheapest cigarettes online are usually still of premium quality, as vendors are aware that customers looking to buy cigarettes online, free shipping or otherwise, are a very exacting bunch.

Cheap cigarettes, free shipping: these two phrases grab the attention of readers in an instant. But as with everything: buyer beware. Just because you managed to find the cheapest cigarettes online doesn’t mean you have to stop the research. Read reviews on the website that offers cheap cigarettes & free shipping to see if the discount cigarettes they sell are the real deal and not brand knockoffs.

With discount cigarettes, cheap cigarettes, free shipping and delivery, it might be tempting to beat the system by looking for bootleg versions or gray-market retailers—don’t. Not only does this have legal repercussions, but they can also sell bad products. Looking for the cheapest cigarettes online doesn’t mean having to sacrifice quality as well.

Buying Cigarettes Online: Free Shipping and No Delivery Fees?

There are indeed some sites that offer these perks, and it is in your best interest to find them. Better yet, try to give them a call or send them an email to see if, when you buy their discount cigarettes online, free shipping and delivery will legally be available for you. Some sites put a premium on their product to cover the handling fees, some don’t. Other sites even offer worldwide shipping at a price—this is extremely convenient if you can’t seem to find that hometown brand you’ve always loved.

Lastly, make sure that the site that sells discount cigarettes does legitimate online transactions. Bogus ecommerce sales, identity theft, credit card fraud—these are real issues you should always be aware of when looking for discount cigarettes or when buying cigarettes online. Free shipping should always take a backseat to your online protection!

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