Ultra Light Menthol 100s

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When you look into discount cigarettes when you want to buy cigarettes online, you’ll find many kinds of cigarettes that have one feature about them and some others have two.  Ultra light menthol 100s actually combines the greatness of three types of cigarettes: ultra light cigarettes, menthol cigarettes and 100s.  This hybrid “ménage à trois” of flavor will make your entire body feel in awe after each drag of these discount cigarettes.

One distinction of these discount cigarettes is the ultra light filter since it has many more tiny holes in it than in light filters.  These filters will give you more air with every drag you take than other filtered cigarettes because of these small holes.  The fact that ultra light menthol 100s could be healthier for you is something to consider when it comes time for you to buy cigarettes online.
Ultra light menthol 100s also have the slim body of all 100 millimeter cigarettes since they are designed to give you less of a harsh drag every time you decide to light up one of these discount cigarettes.  This is because you’re not taking in as much of the cigarette’s ingredients per drag as you would normally take in if you smoke an ultra light filtered cigarette.  When you feel the need to go buy cigarettes online at your computer, you’ll see that ultra light menthol 100s are a great choice of cigarette.

In addition to these two cool characteristics of these discount cigarettes, they also contain menthol which gives ultra light menthol 100s the same cooling sensation that smokers get after they take the first and every other drag of any menthol cigarette.  This sensation is caused by the menthol making its way through your body each time you take a drag of these discount cigarettes and when doing that, it tingles the nerves within your body to make you feel cool inside as you exhale.  This cool feeling has inspired many people to buy cigarettes online and to keep on smoking.

Ultra light menthol 100s do possess all three of these great qualities, but they also have the flaws of each one of the types of discount cigarettes that ultra light menthol 100s take from.  Since these cigarettes that you buy online are longer and have the ultra light filter, they also have less power to them per drag than both regular menthol 100s and light menthol 100s (unless you inhale for longer than you usually do).  The fact that the menthol makes these discount cigarettes more inviting can also be a flaw since some people need that chilling tingle in order to get the full satisfaction they desire out of the cigarettes that they buy online.

Despite these problems, ultra light menthol 100s are the discount cigarettes to choose when it comes time to buy cigarettes online since they’re the more healthy and less intense alternative that you can find through smoking these cigarettes.

Because of their ultra light filter, they usually have a light blue or silver label, but some brands do make them light green since they are a lighter menthol cigarette, so remember this when you buy cigarettes online.

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