Light Filtered 100s Cigarettes

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If you want discount cigarettes that are both slim and have a little less boldness than regular cigarettes, then you should consider light filtered 100s as your choice cigarette when you decide to buy cigarettes online.  Light filtered 100s are always 100 millimeters and will typically last longer than a regular cigarette if smoked in the same manner.

The number one factor when you’re considering to buy cigarettes online is that these discount cigarettes have the slimness possessed in any 100, even the light filtered 100.  The sleekness possessed by 100s gives it a much fresher look and a healthier drag since less of the cigarette’s ingredients are actually going into your body.  These discount cigarettes could be the right cigarette for you if you’re looking for something that’s a bit less bold when it goes down your throat.

Light filtered 100s also have the advanced light filter which provides pin sized air holes in it for a more breathable cigarette.  These discount cigarettes will give you more air for every drag you take in because of these holes.  When you feel a less powerful drag, you have the light filter and the slimness of the 100 to thank for it because of their great qualities that are developed to give you a more enjoyable smoke.

When you buy cigarettes online, you have to factor into the equation that light filtered 100s can be weaker than regular filtered 100s and light filtered cigarettes since the light filter and the thinness of these discount cigarettes both make less flavor go inside of you after you take each drag.  The sole purpose of putting filters into discount cigarettes in the first place is to make the taste of the cigarette a bit milder and with the additions to the little holes into it, the taste gets even milder.  The slimness of these light filtered 100s makes it even lighter since you get less of the cigarette’s ingredients inhaled with every drag.

Since the decision to buy cigarettes online is becoming more popular, more light filtered 100s are getting bought online.  Discount cigarettes can only be found online today since retailers everywhere have made the prices for all types of cigarettes even light filtered 100s skyrocket.  When you buy cigarettes online, you can cut the prices of cartons of light filtered 100s up to 10 times since there is no duty tax on cigarettes.  Considering that you’re not only paying for the discount cigarettes when you go to your local retail store, you’re also paying the retail store, so some of that cost goes to them and doesn’t help you save anything.

Light filtered 100s are a great selection when you want to have a good feeling cigarette without some of the bold flavor of regular discount cigarettes.  If you choose to go for these thin cigarettes, then you know that you’ll be satisfied after a nice smoke wherever you may be.

Light filtered 100s have gold or white labels and finding them should be easy enough on your searches when you buy cigarettes online.

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