Smoking Facts

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The fact is that smoking cigarettes can harm your body in many ways.  The facts about smoking indicate that there are many conditions, diseases and destroyed body parts that come along with the pleasure of smoking.  The ingredients that are in cigarettes cause all of the health problems that anti-smoking groups complain about.

From smoking cigarettes, you can harm both yourself by taking in the cigarette’s ingredients and others around you due to giving them secondhand smoke after smoking a cigarette.  Secondhand smoking can cause damage to people around you since the ingredients that you don’t take in can get taken in by them.  This is one of the smoking facts that people find most obvious, but don’t know that it’s one of the deadliest facts about smoking.

The people that are most prone to secondhand smoke are younger people (infants up to teens) since they’re the most influential when it comes to smoking cigarettes.  Smoking causes health problems in them long before they even start smoking (which is more likely to occur since they’ve been exposed to so much secondhand smoke).  Sometimes, smoking problems occur even before children are born due to the parents smoking cigarettes.

The overall facts about smoking show that bad health is caused by the ingredients that cigarettes contain.  Cigarettes contain several toxins including (but not limited to):

  • Ammonia (used in cleaners)
  • Arsenic (a poison)
  • Caffeine
  • Carbon Monoxide (deadly gas)
  • Carbon Dioxide (produces the smoke)
  • Carcinogens such as:
    • -Radioisotopes (from the radon decay sequence and is said to be the primary cause of lung cancer)
    • -Nitrosamine
    • -Benzopyrene
  • Copper (found in pennies)
  • DDT (used to kill weeds)
  • Mercury (causes problems in tap water and tuna fish)
  • Nicotine (the sole cause of cigarette addiction)
  • Tar (sticks inside of you and is made from many different chemicals)

Out of all of the ingredients in cigarettes, 69 of them are known to cause multiple types of cancer throughout the body, so saying that the facts about smoking clearly indicate that smoking cigarettes is dangerous is an understatement.  When all of the ingredients in cigarettes are combined and smoked, there is a much higher chance to getting any of these diseases.

The people who come up with the smoking facts say that over 400,000 people die every year because of smoking related diseases.  They also say that at least 8.6 million other people that have a smoking related disease. 

The facts about smoking are beyond the inside of your body; they’re inside of your wallet as well.  With the prices of packs today at your local retailer, you could over $1000 a year if you didn’t smoke!

If you want to quit smoking, there are many methods to quitting including nicotine gum, nicotine patches or gradually going down on the amount you smoke and/or smoking lighter cigarettes (100s and 120s or cigarettes with light filters or ultra light filters).

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