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Tax free cigarettes are cigarettes that are purchased by cigarette consumers and they do not have to pay the duty tax on them.  They are also known as duty free cigarettes in honor of the tax that consumers don’t have to pay when buying cigarettes online.  This tax does heighten the expense of cigarettes because they are usually high, but vary from state to state (or province to province).

Tax free cigarettes include all American Indian cigarettes since the American Indian reservations where the cigarettes come from are considered to be sovereign and they are not obliged to pay taxes.  In some states and provinces, they are the only type of cigarette that can legally be purchased online.  Check if you’re in an illegal state or province before attempting to buy cigarettes online.

Depending on the state or province you’re in, the penalty differs since each state government controls certain aspects of purchasing tax free or duty free cigarettes.  Some just fine you the amount of money owed while others will fine you more or could even put you in jail for a small amount of time. 

The great thing about these cigarettes is that they are cheaper than regular cigarettes that you would find at your local retailer.  This is because most of the brands of cigarettes that are tax free can’t normally be found at your local retailer.  Most of these tax free or duty free cigarettes are found on certain Indian reservations.

Since tax free or duty free cigarettes are usually cheap free, this gives a great and less expensive alternative to some of the other big name cigarette brands that you see people smoking every day.  This would also help out in society since people would usually ask for a name brand cigarette!  This means more cigarettes for you!

If you find that these cigarettes have the same or better quality than those cigarettes that are taxed, then don’t be surprised since the great sensation felt throughout your body could be the money saved.  Tax free or duty free cigarettes also contain the same things than the big name brands that have immense taxes.  The big brands won’t know what hit them once tax free cigarettes get to be a trend!

Aside from the great feel you’ll get both in your wallet and in your body from buying cigarettes online, you’ll also know that you made the right decision for your self-esteem.  Smoking tax free or duty free cigarettes will increase your feeling of self-worth since you’ll be pocketing extra money from the great discounts you can find from buying cigarettes online.

Remember to always buy your cigarettes here online since buying cigarettes online will help you financial and mentally in the long run.

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