Bidi Cigarettes

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When you buy cigarettes online, considering all of the options is essential since the conventional cigarettes including those that contain menthol, are 100 millimeters and are 120 millimeters along with just plain, light or ultra light filtered cigarettes aren’t the only ones that are out in the open market.  There are other dirt cheap cigarettes out there that can provide you with the same satisfaction that these conventional cigarettes offer to you already. 

These cigarettes are known as bidi cigarettes and originally came from India.  These are a great choice when you want to buy cigarettes online since they are smaller than conventional dirt cheap cigarettes and still give you that same great feeling after each drag that you take of any bidi cigarette.  These fine cigarettes are almost always imported from India and other Southeast Asian countries since they’re the ones who make these dirt cheap cigarettes so well.

Your decision to buy cigarettes online will be a wise one since the ability to hand roll these dirt cheap cigarettes is considered an art form over in India and the other Southeast Asian countries that produce bidi cigarettes.  Bidi cigarettes are made naturally by human hands wrapped in a tendu or temburni leaf for a more natural flavor that should be considered when you buy these dirt cheap cigarettes online.  These leaves are native to these countries which is why hardly any other countries make them, so they have to settle for importing these cigarettes.

There are various types of bidi cigarettes that you can find when you buy cigarettes online.  They include:

  • Tobacco bidi cigarettes (the kind most commonly found and referred to when people talk about these dirt cheap cigarettes)
  • Herbal bidi cigarettes (contain fine herbs that enhance the flavor to give you a great refreshing sensation that will make your body feel relaxed)
  • Non-tobacco bidi cigarettes (only contain the herbs and flavorings that other of these cheap cigarettes possess)
  • Flavored bidi cigarettes (tendu/temburni leaves come in various flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, mango, menthol and many more)
  • Filtered bidi cigarettes (have filters on the end so people can have a more pleasurable cigarette)

These dirt cheap cigarettes are better than the other cigarettes you find when you buy cigarettes online since they are shorter and still give you the same great feeling that you desire every time you take a drag.  However, the drags you take will be more intense than normal since bidi cigarettes give you the same feel with less of the length (this work in the same way that 100s and 120s give you less strength for a longer length).

When it comes to price, these can’t be beat since they’re the cheapest cigarettes in the world today.  You’d pay up to 10 times as much if you went out and bought bidi cigarettes at your local retailer, so the money you save will greatly help your budget when you buy cigarettes online.

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