Ultra Light Filtered 100s Cigarettes

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When you buy cigarettes online for the first time, you’ll see a whole array of discount cigarettes to choose from, but which kind should you choose?  For you first timers (and you social smokers), you should look into ultra light filtered 100s because they are both slim and very light in your mouth.  Ultra light filtered 100s combine the fine taste of cigarettes with an ultra light filter with the sleekness of filtered 100s to give you a nice smooth combination that will satisfy your cigarette cravings.

The part of these discount cigarettes that make them so smooth is the ultra light filter that has many more tiny holes than the light filter which gives the smoker even more air than the light filters do.  When you feel like you have to buy cigarettes online, these cigarettes are great since they actually give the smoker less smoke per drag than regular filtered cigarettes or even light filtered cigarettes. 

Ultra light filtered 100s also have the thinness of regular filtered 100s because they are both 100 millimeters and the same diameter.  Their slenderness gives the cigarette the ability to be smoked for longer and you’re able to savor the great flavor for much longer since these discount cigarettes are longer than the usual ultra light filtered cigarettes.  You’ll taste the difference between ultra light filtered 100s and any other 100 millimeter cigarette since the ultra light filter together with the slender body of the cigarette gives it a smooth taste that you can’t resist.

However, the ultra light filter 100 can be a problematic cigarette for some heavier smokers since it’s much weaker than any other one of the 100s.  The ultra light filter makes it weak since the filter reduces the amount of the cigarette’s ingredients that goes into your body.  In addition to the filter’s problems, the slimness of these discount cigarettes make it harder to get more into your body as well which creates a double barrier preventing the cigarettes from going inside of you for the cigarette’s full flavor.

Despite the weaknesses of ultra light filtered 100s, they’re still great for when you buy cigarettes online since these discount cigarettes can be very pricey in all retail stores since this type of cigarette has more technology behind it than other cigarette types and is more of a social cigarette than anything else.  If you buy cigarettes online, specifically ultra light filtered cigarettes, you’ll be saving a ton of money.  You’ll be more than likely be saving up to 10 times the amount of money than if you would go out to the stores and buy cartons of cigarettes from there (varying from place to place depending upon taxes in that region).

These discount cigarettes will usually have either light blue labels or silver labels since those are the same colors that ultra light filtered regular cigarettes have when you buy cigarettes online or from your retailer.  The label’s color will vary from brand to brand.

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