Herbal Cigarettes and How They're Different

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Herbal cigarettes are free of tobacco and nicotine. They’re usually made of other plant materials and are smoked by those either looking for other alternatives to tobacco cigarettes or even by those looking to kick the habit altogether and need an aid to do so. Herbal cigarettes are also used by non-smoking actors.

Customers who wish for something different sometimes consider trying herbal cigarettes. Other types already exist in the market—such as clove and bidi cigarettes—and people who want a change can look for the best herbal cigarettes they can find and try to see which works for them. Where to buy herbal cigarettes is probably the trickiest part—village smoke shops and cigar lounges offer great choices—and there are a lot of online retailers selling herbal cigarettes, too.

The best herbal cigarettes, or alternative cigarettes, are those that offer some sort of variety to their composition. The ingredients of herbal cigarettes include passionflower, rose petals, jasmine, lotus leaf, ginseng and licorice root. Some customers like the smell of herbal cigarettes over the regular tobacco kind; at the end of the day, it all boils down to your preference of herbal cigarettes. The best herbal cigarettes purchasing practice is to choose the retailer that has your herbal cigarettes brand and offers the best herbal cigarettes that you can afford. Another tip to finding where to buy herbal cigarettes is to ask fellow alternative smokers or search for online reviews. Although smokers (and smoking, in general) have garnered quite a bad rap in this day and age, they are very welcoming and accommodating of fellow aficionados and will readily help you look for the kind of herbal cigarettes you want. There is a recent trend for going herbal; cigarettes are no exception.

The Truth about Herbal Cigarettes’ Health Risks

There has been a lot of talk on herbal cigarettes’ health risks and effects. Some say that burning any sort of vegetable material produces toxins such as carbon monoxide and tar, and so whether you’re smoking herbal cigarettes or those with tobacco and nicotine shouldn’t matter, heath-wise. But if you’re looking to end a nicotine habit or have an aversion to the taste of tobacco, then—if you can’t quit smoking altogether—try and look into herbal cigarettes. Health is always an imperative factor to consider with any smoking habit, and the less of a beating it takes, the better.

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