Menthol Light 100s

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Menthol light 100s are another alternative to the way you can buy cigarettes online.  These discount cigarettes are a combination of menthol lights and light filtered 100s, so the best of both of those worlds are inside of this slim cigarette.  If you need a light and smooth sensation as you take a drag of your cigarette, then menthol light 100s are a great solution for your smoking needs.

What the menthol light 100 does is that it contains menthol inside of the cigarette so that gives you the great sensation that all menthol cigarette smokers feel when they light up their discount cigarettes.  The secret of this cooling sensation is that it travels throughout your entire body and massages your nerves to the point where each and every drag is better than the previous one that you took.  Feeling great while smoking is the best possible thing you can have, so you should look into the possibility of buying these cigarettes online.

The cause of this chilling sensation is the menthol that each of these discount cigarettes contains.  These can’t be found in regular filtered cigarettes, so think about this while you look to buy cigarettes online.  When looking at these menthol light 100s, consider that this perk also comes with the great things that make up any 100 millimeter cigarette.

All discount cigarettes that are considered 100s, including menthol light 100s, have a more sleek body to them in comparison to regular filtered cigarettes.  When you buy cigarettes online, you must remember that these are healthier for you than regular filtered cigarettes because for every drag you take of a menthol light 100, you’re putting less of the cigarette’s ingredients into your body than if you were smoking a regular filtered cigarette.  Since menthol light 100s have both the cool tingling sensation provided from menthol and a healthier and smoother drag from it being longer.

However, these discount cigarettes have the same flaws in them as other 100 millimeter cigarettes and other menthol cigarettes you find when you buy cigarettes online.  Despite being healthier for you, menthol light 100s have weaker drags to them than regular filtered cigarettes because of their slimness.  Because the drags are weaker in menthol light 100s, the chilling sensation you get will also be weaker since less of the cigarette’s ingredients are actually going inside of you, so this must be considered when you’re looking to buy cigarettes online.

Despite the disadvantages of these discount cigarettes, you’ll find that these cigarettes are much cheaper online than if you went out to your local retailer and bought them there.  The costs in the retail stores for menthol light 100s are 10 times as much as if you were looking to buy these cigarettes online.

Menthol light 100s will usually come in a light green label since they are menthol and have a light filter.  Don’t confuse them with menthol lights which have the same colored label, so read the packaging before you buy these cigarettes online.

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