Smoking Fetish

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A smoking fetish is where people get aroused by the sight of other people smoking cigarettes.  This fetish is usually done by heterosexual males looking at women smoking.  They find this form of smoking possesses glamour since it makes women look so sexy while smoking.

There are also some homosexual men and women that have the fetish as well, but it’s not very commonplace since it’s mostly a heterosexual male fetish.  This fetish emphasizes the sleek and glamorous look that women possess when smoking cigarettes.  The focus of the smoking fetish is usually the face since some women look very attractive with a cigarette being held in their lips.

The sexuality in the smoking fetish comes from many different sources.  These sources include:

  • Seeing another person (usually a woman) smoking a cigarette
  • Being forced by another person to smoke a cigarette or get smoke blown into your mouth (or in some cases, vice versa)
  • Seeing a pregnant woman smoking a cigarette
  • Watching somebody or listening to somebody cough because of them smoking a cigarette
  • Using the smoke itself as a catalyst during foreplay and/or sexual intercourse


These elements make smoking sexy to some people because of the arousal it causes through these results that smoking produces.  The glamour seen in smoking can originate from movies back in the days of black and white since they usually showed women commonly smoking cigarettes with and without the little cigarette holders.  However, the colorization of movies and the emergence of television have increased this fetish.

Over the last century, more and more smoking fetish groups have been developed since they find it sexy to see women smoking cigarettes.  There have even been magazines devoted to it, such as Smoke Signals Magazine.  These publications show women smoking to make it seem like they are glamorous.

This sexy smoking fetish has also led to online groups and forums being made devoted to women smoking cigarettes.  These groups have Web blogs dedicated to smoking fetish lovers.  There are also many pornographic Web sites out there that have naked women smoking cigarettes; this gives the best of both worlds by seeing a woman naked and seeing her smoking a cigarette as well.

This smoking fetish is said to start out during youth and gradually gets psychologically bigger since your mind gets filled with more images of sexy women smoking cigarettes.

Since smoking fetish lovers are few and far between in the real world, this is considered a social taboo.  This forces those who have a smoking fetish to keep it to themselves which isn’t too fair to those lovers, but magazines and fetish Web sites have given them an alternative to watching old movies to see this happen. 

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