Hand Rolled Cigarettes

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If you find in your quests to buy cigarettes online that you can’t find any discount cigarettes that satisfy your wants and needs as a smoker, then you’re not out of luck just because the cigarette companies couldn’t make their cigarettes to your liking.  In fact, the options will open up for you if you look into buying the accessories for hand rolled cigarettes!  What buying the accessories for hand rolled cigarettes does for you is that you finally have a chance to make your own cigarettes that satisfy your body and your capabilities for smoking a cigarette.

The first thing you would need to find is the right tobacco that you want to roll up into your very own cigarette.  There are a few types out there and they include:

  • Virginia
  • Burley
  • Oriental
  • Latakia
  • Perique
  • Kentucky
  • Havana
  • Cavendish

And they’re picked and dried in four different specific ways:

  • Air cured (dried naturally without sunlight and is commonly seen in tobaccos made in the United States)
  • Sun cured (dried naturally with sunlight and is seen in all Oriental tobaccos)
  • Dark tobaccos (picked when the plant is older and goes through the same process again)
  • Fire cured (dried by wooden fire fumigation and is similar to dark tobaccos)

You’ll buy cigarettes online differently depending on how the tobacco is picked and dried as well as what brand you’d want to get when you buy cigarettes online.  These discount cigarettes will be as good as you’ve ever tried since you’ll feel the self made satisfaction of these bad boys.

Another one of the joys of making your own cigarettes is that you can put as much tobacco in them as you want.  When you feel the need to make your own discount cigarettes, you’ll need rolling papers in order to actually make them for yourself to hold the tobacco in.  These papers will always make cigarettes however you want since you control the use of your rolling papers that you’ll find online along with other cigarette accessories.

The papers you can get to make your discount cigarettes can be plain white or have multiple flavors for a great taste that you’ll desire even before you create your very own cigarette.  These papers usually come in packs of 32 but can come in greater numbers if they come in bigger sized super packs.  To find them, you have to go to Web sites that also let you buy cigarettes online or separate Web sites dedicated to just selling rolling papers.

If you don’t want to roll your handmade cigarette by hand, you could always purchase a machine that does it for you.  These machines are usually hand cranked devices that you put the tobacco filled paper in before you roll it.  Instructions on how to do your particular machine will come in the package you made.  You can control how much tobacco goes into your cigarette and they also sell filters to get rolled with it for your pleasure.

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