Menthol 100s

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Menthol 100s are the hybrid of two different kinds of discount cigarettes: menthol cigarettes and filtered 100s.  Both of these cigarettes can be found when you buy cigarettes online, but buying menthol 100s is a wise decision for those who want to have a slimmer cigarette but still have the cool tingling sensation that comes from smoking a menthol cigarette.  These discount cigarettes have the great features of both menthol cigarettes and filtered 100s which can both be found when you try to buy cigarettes online.

When you first light up a menthol 100 and feel that first tingling sensation throughout your body, you know that you made the right choice when it came time to buy cigarettes online to get your new carton shipped to you at home.  These discount cigarettes have that chilling feeling because of the menthol that is added into the cigarette.  What the menthol does is that it flows throughout your body with every drag and actually cools your nerves as you take your drag, so the exhalation is even sweeter.

Despite what some people may think, these discount cigarettes aren’t worse for your body than non-menthol cigarettes, but they are actually better for you because of the slimness that these cigarettes that you buy online possess.  When you buy cigarettes online, these are great for you since you actually inhale less of the cigarette’s ingredients per drag than you would if you smoked regular menthol cigarettes.  Since these discount cigarettes are slender, they also look great when you smoke them, so you’ll have a fun time smoking these cigarettes.

However, menthol 100s do have their problems because of their mixture of regular filtered 100s and regular menthol cigarettes.  The menthol in these discount cigarettes give you the great tingling feeling throughout your body and this can be very nice to have whenever you smoke whichever brand you buy when you buy cigarettes online.  The problem with this is that they can become addicting since the cool sensation every time you light up a menthol 100 will stimulate you throughout your body.

Another bad thing about these discount cigarettes is that their slimmer body actually makes them prone to a less powerful drag.  To some, this is a great feature of menthol 100s but to others, they need the power that comes from the cigarette’s drag, so this must be also considered when you buy cigarettes online.

Despite the couple of bad things about these discount cigarettes, they are still very cheap if you buy cigarettes online.  The prices that retailers offer for these great cigarettes isn’t worth it if there’s an alternative to buying cigarettes at the store.  If you buy cigarettes online, you’re likely to cut down your cigarette budget drastically, even to an as extreme number as making it only one tenth of what it once was.

All menthol cigarettes with regular filters, even menthol 100s, will have a green label, so looking for a solid green label will help you buy these cigarettes online as long as you read that they say on the label to make sure they are indeed 100s.

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